Salon dry cleaning is a complex of operations that contribute to maintaining the impeccable condition of a car interior. The Dwiger professionals will be able to cope with all types of dirt, eliminate unpleasant odors and restore the interior to its original appearance.

The interior salon
dry cleaning

Praha ‎‎•‎ Czech Republic
Complete interior dry cleaning involves comprehensive cleaning inside the car

The service

all plastic parts
ceiling and doors
Thanks to the high-quality dry cleaning, it is possible to cope with:
•‎ dust;
•‎ ingrained stains of dirt or grease;
•‎ crumbs and pet hair;
•‎ unpleasant odors in the salon, including cigarette smoke

During the procedure, our team uses specialized cleaning products, as well as professional equipment and tools aimed at the comprehensive care of the salon. After the dry cleaning, your salon interior will look like new.

Complete dry cleaning of the interior is a prerequisite for both personal use of the car and when preparing the vehicle for sale.
The types of dry cleaning
Among the most common options:
•‎ steam cleaning is a traditional way of caring for the interior;
•‎ dry cleaning - involves the use of special compounds and provides instant drying;
•‎ nano cleaning is the most modern method aimed not only at cleaning but also at preventing future contamination.

The following types of dry cleaning can be chosen depending on the interior disassembly:
•‎ simple - direct access surfaces are cleaned;
•‎ partial disassembly - includes the removal of seats;
•‎ full disassembly - access to all corners of the car.

The Dwiger Automotive center is located in Prague and can handle any task to combat all types of vehicle dirtying, and deliver internal beauty and freshness to your car. Contact Dwiger to restore your salon interior to its original look and feel.