Exquisite and luxurious cars of the Jaguar and Land Rover (Range Rover) brands require a distinctive approach, special attention, and qualified service. The highly specialized specialists of Dwiger Automotive car service have tremendous experience working with British brand cars and guarantee impeccable quality of services.

Land Rover/Jaguar professional service

The repair and maintenance of Jaguar and Land Rover cars in Prague
The Dwiger Automotive car service specialists offer their customers a full range of services to maintain the perfect condition of luxury cars. The main services include:

•‎ maintenance on a regular basis;
•‎ computer diagnostics;
•‎ repair and replacement of components;
•‎ professional detailing and anti-corrosion treatment;
•‎ bodywork;
•‎ regular oil and filter changes.

Specialized experts, focused on working with Range Rover and Jaguar cars, guarantee the jeweler-type precision of providing the entire range of repair and maintenance services, unattainable in the salons of general specialization.
The benefits of contacting
the Dwiger Automotive
The advantages for which owners of exclusive cars choose us include:

•‎ modern equipment and advanced service technologies;
•‎ original parts and components for luxury cars;
•‎ reasonable prices for service and maintenance, which are much lower than those of an authorized dealer;
•‎ certified team of masters;
•‎ well-established mechanism and clear regulations for working with Jaguar and Land Rover (Range Rover) cars;
•‎ efficiency and high quality of work, compared to the official dealer.

Trust the service of your Jaguar and Land Rover to the professionals at Dwiger Automotive. Our car service is located in Prague and is ready to take on your car at any convenient time!