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We cooperate with LUX-segment automotive industries such as Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Tesla and many others. We take care of all issues related to, purchase and delivery of vehicles to the territory of the Czech Republic or other EU countries


A wide range of premium cars
The DWIGER database includes a wide range of top-class cars with an impressive range of options and a variety of trim levels.

We fulfill even the most complex customer requests:
  • Cars from limited editions
  • Rare or retro cars for individual requests
  • Luxurious VIP-class options
  • Advanced developments and novelties of famous brands
Choosing and buying a first-class car
The competence and business acumen of our specialists allow you to choose a vehicle for true connoisseurs of prestigious driving. Consultants are fluent in information about the technical characteristics and features of elite vehicles, their specifics and equipment.

We analyze each individual request with scrupulous attention and implement it clearly within the established deadlines.
Luxury cars without queues and delays
Thanks to DWIGER, a premium car of any configuration is delivered to the client within a few months after the order. Fast, reliable and safe is the motto of the company, which we successfully follow.
Exclusive service for luxury cars in the Czech Republic
Detailing from DWIGER involves the widest possible range of services for the protection and renewal, transformation or maintenance of the appearance of prestigious cars.

Autocentre features:
  • Availability of the latest equipment and advanced technologies
  • Access to original parts and accessories
  • High level of service and professionalism