Car tuning
and styling

Car tuning is an ideal way to express yourself through the ability to modify the vehicle inside and out. Professional services from Dwiger Automotive allow you to turn an ordinary car into a true work of art, improve its performance and become a real king of the road in a unique car.

There is no limit to perfection in the world of auto-tuning. The professionals of Dwiger Automotive perform works of different levels of complexity and help to turn a standard car into a real masterpiece, one hundred percent corresponding to the inner world of the owner. The Dwiger tuning studio is one of the few in the Czech Republic that works with such famous brands as Mansory, Brabus, Hamann, and others.

The types of tuning and a list of possible improvements

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Possible types of car improvements include:
External tuning, aimed at changing the exterior and highlighting the car from the gray mass of analogs
Our specialists undertake the following types of work:
•‎ wheel modification: we will select the most exclusive wheels for your car at the best price
•‎ chip tuning to change the electronic settings of the motor;
•‎ body upgrade: we are ready to install any Body Kit from companies such as Mansory and Brabus
•‎ complete alteration of the car interior according to an individual design.

Autotuning by Dwiger Automotive is performed by highly qualified experts using advanced equipment, components, and materials.
Internal - affecting interior elements for comfort and safety;
The advantages of tuning by the Dwiger Automotive
The flexible pricing policy and impressive experience of our specialists bring tuning services from Dwiger Automotive to the TOP throughout the Czech Republic. Choose only the best for your car! Seek assistance from recognized experts and indulge yourself in incredible driving pleasure in a stylish and powerful car, customized specifically for your needs.

Our Dwiger Automotive tuning studio is located in Prague and is ready to take on your car project at any time!
Original parts, components, and materials
A creative approach to styling
Competent advice and ideas for car modernization
Stylish accessories and high-quality software;
Impeccable quality of all of the work and guarantees the final result.

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