Removal of dents, scratches, and chips

Paintless car repair is an advanced solution in the field of car service. The available services by the Dwiger Automotive masters are aimed at promptly eliminating imperfections and deformations using the latest techniques, materials, and equipment. At the end of the work, there is no trace of damage, and the factory paint, color depth, surface gloss, and intact details are preserved.

Paintless repair is a necessary service for every car owner
In modern conditions, the car is exposed to impressive external influences. The main causes of damage include harm caused by playing children, hail and falling icicles, careless parking, tree branches, wild animals, or traffic accidents.

The result of such damages include:
•‎ small and deep scratches;
•‎ chipped paintwork;
•‎ cracks and abrasions;
•‎ dents and other deformations.

The Dwiger Automotive auto center professionals perform high-quality straightening and alignment of damage to doors, trunks, bumpers, hoods, roofs, and other car body elements, restoring the car to its original appearance and without the impressive costs.
Straightening and alignment by Dwiger Automotive - the best choice in Prague
Individual approach to each problem
The use of advanced methods, technologies, and developments
High-quality consumables from the world's leading manufacturers
Quality assurance
Affordable pricing policy
The efficiency of work execution
Bring back the integrity and beauty of your car with services by recognized experts. Trust the professionals in your car repair in Prague!
Paintless repairs to eliminate damage require concentration and precision in each action of the professional. The Dwiger experts have impressive experience in performing such work and guarantee flawless results.

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