Paintless Dent Removal and Smart Repair in Prague

Every vehicle can face a range of challenges, from minor dents to damage to the paintwork. At Dwiger Automotive, we offer two innovative methods to tackle these issues: PDR and Smart Repairing.

Modern Solutions by Dwiger Automotive
What is PDR?
PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is a specialized method of restoring a vehicle's surface without the need for repainting. Using precision tools, our experts gently manipulate dents out of the surface, preserving the car’s original finish.
Benefits of PDR from Dwiger Automotive:
The process does not involve the use of chemicals or repainting
Value Preservation
The car maintains its original paintwork
PDR takes significantly less time compared to traditional repair methods

What is Smart Repairing?

Smart Repairing is a set of techniques designed for the rapid repair of minor vehicle damages such as scratches, chips, or minor scuffs. Instead of a full part repair, the damaged area is treated locally.
Time and Cost-Efficient
  • Avoiding full repairs saves both time and money
High Quality
  • Advanced techniques provide results nearly indistinguishable from the vehicle's original state
  • The method is suitable for a variety of damage types
At Dwiger Automotive, we take pride in offering cutting-edge and effective solutions for your vehicle in Prague. Whether you're dealing with a dent or a scratch, we have the ideal solution for you.

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