Car body polishing allows you to return the vehicle to its original luster and beauty. During the procedure, the car dealership professionals mechanically remove the thinnest layer of varnish to minimize defects, eliminate visible damage, and protect the body from subsequent destruction and corrosion of the metal.

Car polishing in Prague

The Dwiger detailing center in Prague
The body polishing technology is a well-balanced set of procedures, strict adherence to which ensures an ideal result. The main stages include:

•‎ thorough pre-washing of the car;
•‎ assessment of the car condition and identification of all damage to the paintwork;
•‎ surface degreasing;
•‎ protective gluing of metal elements to avoid scuffs or plaque;
•‎ deep abrasive polishing to eliminate serious defects;
•‎ restorative polishing to correct unevenness and small scratches;
•‎ applying a protective ceramic coating.

If necessary, the specialists carry out the polishing of plastic and decorative parts of the car interior.
Polishing at Dwiger Automotive is an opportunity to give your car paint a new life filled with radiant shine, beauty, and reliable protection. Our detailing studio is located in Prague and is ready to take your car for polishing at any time!

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