Salon restoration

Car interior leather restoration is a complex of services to restore the integrity and attractiveness of the original interior. The work is carried out using modern technologies, taking into account all the nuances of a particular car, skin type, and the desired design. As a result, the owner receives a renewed interior, with no signs of previous use.

The work features:
The upholstery and interior of the car during operation can suffer no less than the exterior. The defects and damage are caused by mechanical influences, rubbing of clothing, transportation of pets or children's play, chemical exposure to detergents, or carelessness.

However, even with the most careful handling, the merciless influence of time gradually, but inevitably takes its toll on the state of the cabin. There are cracks, abrasions, and scratches on the leather, chips, shape deformation, and ingrained dirt particles that cannot be removed by dry cleaning.

The Dwiger specialists use the most advanced tools to fix all of the problems and eliminate the nuances. We will help restore your interior or completely re-tighten the skin in addition to changing the design of your interior.
Our main advantages include:
Our car dealership specialists have impressive experience in restoration work and are highly qualified in the field of restoring and reupholstering car interiors in Prague. The process uses only high-quality materials, professional equipment, and advanced methods of restoration work. Seek the Dwiger experts, recognized throughout the Czech Republic, and give your salon a new life!
The Dwiger auto center experts offer their clients a professional approach to all of their work.
accessibility of the procedure
meticulous attention to detail
the efficiency of work execution

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