VIP transfer service in Europe

Dwiger Automotive introduces an exclusive VIP transfer service to leading cities and capitals of Europe. Our company is based in Prague, but is ready to comfortably transport passengers to any point in the European Union.

Travel with luxury and style
Dwiger Automotive, your reliable partner in Prague, is pleased to offer you a service - a premium transfer service for VIP passengers. We are expanding the boundaries of comfort and luxury, offering exclusive trips to the most famous cities and capitals of Europe, including Munich, St. Moritz, Courchevel, Geneva, Zurich, Karlovy Vary, Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Rome, Madrid, London, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, and many others.

Our Mercedes-Benz V-class and Audi A8 vehicles are the pinnacle of automotive luxury and comfort. The Mercedes-Benz V-class is ideal for group trips and family travel, while the Audi A8 provides elegance and modernity that style connoisseurs will appreciate.
We guarantee comfort, safety and service
Our services are perfect for various occasions: from business trips and corporate events to weddings and other ceremonial events. We guarantee not only comfort and safety on the road but also provide an impressive level of service, matching your status.

Our team of professional, multilingual drivers is ready to offer you not just transportation, but an unforgettable European travel experience. Discover amazing cities and landscapes in an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort.

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