Car Window Tinting in Prague

Tinting car windows in Prague is not just about giving your vehicle a stylish look and individuality; it also offers practical protection of the interior from ultraviolet rays and sun exposure. At Dwiger Automotive, we offer both classic tinting and tinting using thermal insulation film.

Classic Tinting
Thermal Insulation Film
The film for classic tinting provides excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation, making your drive in Prague more comfortable. We offer various degrees of tinting, including 10%, 15%, 20%, 50%, and others, to suit your individual preferences and legislative requirements.
Thermal insulation film not only blocks UV rays but also reflects infrared radiation, providing additional cooling to the car's interior. It's the perfect solution for those looking to maximize comfort during the hot days in Prague.

Why Choose Tinting at Dwiger Automotive in Prague?

Professional Installation
  • Our specialists in Prague have years of experience and guarantee a flawless result
High-Quality Materials
Wide Selection
  • We only use the best films, ensuring longevity and top-notch quality
  • The ability to choose between different degrees of tinting and types of films allows for finding the ideal solution for every client
Car window tinting in Prague is an investment in comfort, style, and the preservation of your vehicle's interior. Turn to Dwiger Automotive for high-quality and professional tinting.

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