Custom Steering Wheels by Dwiger Automotive

Your steering wheel isn't just a part of controlling your vehicle. It's also a symbol of style, comfort, and confidence on the road. At Dwiger Automotive in Prague, we craft exclusive custom steering wheels that blend luxury, functionality, and uniqueness.

Why Choose Us?

Wide Range
  • Whether you drive a VW, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, or any other brand, we're prepared to meet your needs
Premium Materials
  • We only use genuine carbon and high-quality leather in our manufacturing
Unique Anatomy
  • You can pick any steering wheel anatomy that will perfectly fit your hands
Your Ideas Come to Life
  • Found the perfect steering wheel online? Show us its picture or description, and we'll craft an exact replica for you
Delivery Across Europe
While our manufacturing hub is in Prague, we're ready to ship our steering wheels to any European Union country, be it Poland, Germany, Austria, or other states.

Every steering wheel crafted at Dwiger Automotive is a mix of artisanship, innovation, and a passion for cars. Allow us to turn your driving experience into a true delight.

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