A new Dwiger car styling center and car service has opened in Prague.

Dwiger Automotive, which has been operating in the European market for several years, has opened its first auto center in the Czech Republic.

Dwiger auto center offers the following services: exterior tuning and styling, applying protective (PPF) or color (vinyl) films to the cars, body polishing, reupholstery of the car interior with genuine leather, complete dry cleaning and detailing.
The Dwiger styling studio employs professionals who have mastery and experience in the field of automotive design and modifications. They help motorists to realize their dreams of a unique and inimitable car, creating an individual design and style that reflects the personal taste of the owner.

Dwiger specialists can select and install an exclusive body kit for your car, by manufacturers such as Mansory, Brabus, etc.
Dwiger only works with premium materials made in the USA and EU countries. Using the services of a styling studio, you can completely change the usual look of your car and distinguish it from the mass. Or, conversely, restore the original appearance of the vehicle by choosing the service of full dry cleaning, detailing and polishing of the body.
In addition to tuning and appearance care services, Dwiger is engaged in professional maintenance of the British car manufacturers Land Rover and Jaguar. In the near future, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche will be added to these brands.

At the Dwiger Automotive service center, you can undergo regular maintenance of the car, change oils and filters, carry out a complete diagnosis, and also eliminate any problem associated with the engine or chassis failure.

While working with Land Rover / Jaguar cars, Dwiger uses only original spare parts and equipment recommended by the manufacturers of these brands. Thus, the high quality and durability of the work performed is guaranteed.
By servicing a car in the Dwiger service, you save your time and money, since the services are much cheaper and faster than those of an authorized dealer. The Dwiger team speaks Czech, English, Russian and Ukrainian. In addition, the company is engaged in the purchase / sale of luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz G-class, Range Rover, BMW X7 and others. You can follow the addition of new cars for sale in our Instagram.

The auto center is looking forward to new customers!

Address: Hrdinů 702, Horoměřice (just 20 minutes from the center of Prague, see the map)

Working hours: from 09:00 to 20:00 every day except Sunday

Phone: +420-728-565-781

Website and social networks:

Dwiger Automotive is expanding the team and is looking for experienced auto mechanics, motormen, and auto electricians. If you have the experience and desire to work, send us your resume or call +420-728-565-781.