Reupholstering the headliner of BMW X5 from fabric to Italian Alcantara in Prague

Dwiger Automotive has completed another project of reupholstering the car ceiling in Alcantara.

Why reupholster the ceiling in Alcantara? Advantages of this solution:

The use of Alcantara has become especially popular in the automotive industry in recent years. This luxurious material, resembling suede, is a durable and wear-resistant fabric suitable for many purposes, including reupholstering a car ceiling.

In this article, we will look at why owners of premium cars reupholster the ceiling and other interior items in Alcantara and what advantages they gain.

1. Aesthetic appeal

Alcantara adds an extra dose of elegance and luxury to the car's interior. This material has a pleasant texture and looks very stylish, improving the visual perception of the car's interior.
2. Increased comfort
Alcantara has high thermal insulation properties. Unlike leather or fabric, it does not heat up in the sun and does not become too cold in winter. This provides additional comfort at any time of the year.
3. Wear resistance
Alcantara is a very strong and durable material. It is resistant to abrasion, does not lose its qualities and color over time. This makes it an ideal choice for cars that are actively used.
4. Easy to care for
Alcantara is easy to clean from dirt and dust. Moreover, it does not require special care products, which reduces maintenance costs.
5. Increasing the value of the car
Reupholstering the ceiling in Alcantara can increase the value of the car on the secondary market. Cars with Alcantara interior are often perceived as more premium, which can attract more buyers and increase the car's price when sold.
In conclusion, reupholstering the ceiling and other interior items of your car in Alcantara is not only an aesthetic but also a practical solution. It improves comfort in the cabin, increases the durability of the interior, and definitely increases the individuality of your car.

Dwiger Automotive is one of the few companies that reupholsters car interiors in the Czech Republic. Using the highest quality and premium materials, we can bring any ideas to life to improve your car. The doors of our tuning center Dwiger are always open for you! We look forward to the opportunity to offer you our services!