Ferrari 812 GTS: Mansory Body Kit Installation by Dwiger Automotive Team

At our Dwiger Automotive studio in Prague, we proudly present our recent project - the Ferrari 812 GTS with a Mansory body kit. This project, which took about two weeks, involved not only the installation of the body kit elements but also meticulous treatment of carbon fiber details.

What did we do to this iconic sports car?
Carbon fiber air vent covers

Mansory Body Kit Installation: Our team of professionals installed a spoiler, mirrors, front bumper overlays, rear diffuser with integrated stop light, hood overlays, door handle overlays, and other Mansory body kit elements.
Carbon fiber door handle covers
In total, 26 carbon fiber elements were installed, giving the car a unique and aggressive appearance.
Carbon fiber rear light covers
Thorough Carbon Fiber Treatment: Before installation, we conducted a complete treatment of the carbon fiber parts. Each detail was meticulously lacquered to ensure durability and protection against external elements
Mirror overlays

Our work on tuning the Ferrari 812 GTS with the Mansory body kit is not just about installing parts, it's the art of automotive tuning.
Rear bumper diffuser (with stop light) by Mansory

We take pride in every project we undertake, and this one is no exception.

We invite you to view photos of our work and witness the quality of our services. Transform your car into a work of art with Dwiger Automotive!
The process of lacquering carbon fiber parts
Side skirt covers
Additionally, our client decided to apply a polyurethane protective film to the car, and we happily completed this task.

If you want to install a tuning body kit on your car or apply a protective film, don't hesitate to contact us. Our professionals are ready to take on any challenge and turn your car into a true work of art. We are located in Prague and are always happy to help make your automotive dreams come true.

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