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The level of the Chinese automobile industry has reached unthinkable heights. Reliable, safe, well-thought-out cars inside and out are a strong competitor to European, Japanese and American proposals. Chinese electric vehicles organically combine affordable cost, proven quality, the latest technology and driving comfort

Electric Cars

Comfortable and reliable electric car for a quality ride
Chinese manufacturers offer electric vehicles of various classes with extensive equipment and original additional features.
Among the advantages of a car:
  • Impressive power reserve
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Ease of maintenance and configuration
  • Stylish design
Professional execution of customer requests
The main task of DWIGER is to help customers choose and buy a dream car. The company's experts have full information about Chinese electric cars, their characteristics and features of the acquisition. Qualified managers in touch 24/7.
We offer:
  • Determination of criteria for the selection of vehicles
  • Unlimited number of car options to choose from
  • Advice on cars and the nuances of buying
Accurate logistics and paperwork
Specialists take care of all the concerns related to the purchase and delivery of electric vehicles to the territory of the Czech Republic or other EU countries. Direct contacts with factories exclude mediation and allow you to buy a Chinese car at an honest price without overpayments.
We are responsible for:
  • Payment process;
  • Preparation of documents for import
  • Prompt and safe delivery